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  • Spotlight on Human Resources


    Legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson said, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” At Exeter Health Resources, that’s how we feel about the many people that make up our team. We are strong because our people are strong. In the same way, we as a whole support each individual food service employee, provider, administrator, LNA, recruiter, and executive.

    Our Human Resources department provides consultative services to employees and leadership. They specialize in Employee Relations, Benefits, Training, Compensation, Talent Acquisition and Employment.

    Keeping a health system like Exeter staffed and employee needs met is of critical importance. Fortunately, the HR team is highly collaborative, knowledgeable, and hard-working. They are dedicated to supporting the staff and the leadership team and are committed to the greater good for the entire organization.

    Like nearly everyone in healthcare organizations, finding qualified candidates is HR’s biggest concern right now. New Hampshire has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, which means there is a small candidate pool to work with. The Human Resources team is committed to sourcing the best candidates to fill the roles they have open and to ensure that working for Exeter is rewarding and meaningful.

    We ask HR Director Amy Delmar what she wished everyone knew about the Human Resources department:

    “Many employees believe that HR makes all the decisions in the organization. Our team has been working hard over the last few years to communicate to staff that decisions are made by our Sr. Leadership team. We are consultants to employees and managers and make recommendations only, in the best interest of the employees, our patients and family members.”

    Human Resources exists to support the important work being done every day at Exeter. As they like to say, “Keep Calm and Call HR!”

    Check out our career site to learn more about us and to view our current opportunities!

  • Spotlight on Patient Access – Plaistow

    02-17-2023 | Rebecca Neal

    Access to Exeter Health Resources’ excellent healthcare starts with the Patient Access department. These dedicated representatives play a crucial role in getting patients the care they need, acting as liaisons for the patient, the doctor, and the insurance provider.

    The Plaistow Patient Access representatives work with CORE physicians and the Exeter Hospital Rehab departments. They are responsible for greeting and checking in patients, verifying patient demographics, recording insurance, collecting co-pays, and answering questions.

    At Plaistow, this department really sees itself as a team. They help each other, support each other, and step up when there is a need. This team mentality is not just present at their own site—they help out at other EH/CORE sites when they need extra hands on deck.

    In addition to the experience of working as a team, Patient Access representatives enjoying meeting and interacting with patients. Starting their appointments with these caring professionals sets patients’ minds at ease. The representatives can efficiently  solve problems such as insurance issues or prescription requests, which takes a lot of weight off the shoulders of patients dealing with medical issues.

    Need more proof that the Plaistow Patient Access department works as a team? Well, they literally are one! In the fall 2021, the check-in representatives formed a bowling team and joined a league. They bowled every Friday night, had a BLAST each and every week . . . and came in last place in the league. The fun they had and the great friendships and working relationships they developed were the real win.

    If bowling isn’t for you, there are other opportunities to socialize. Some Patient Access members go to Music Bingo weekly to eat, relax, and laugh away from the work environment.

    Patient Access has a lot of fun, and they also genuinely care about each other, supporting team members at work, away from work, in happy and in difficult times. Birthdays get special attention with a little Patient Access twist. If you are celebrating your birthday, you aren’t limited to cupcakes or cakes—you can choose the food you want. Some people still go for cake, but they’ve seen celebrations with stir fry chicken teriyaki, American Chop Suey, Indian Butter Chicken, Mexican dip, and many other delicious treats.

    If you are interested in joining the Patient Access team, we’d love to talk with you! Check our careers page and chat or speak with a recruiter whenever it’s convenient for you.

  • Spotlight on Environmental Services

    08-08-2022 | Brier Haigh

    Department Overview

    The cleanliness of a hospital is of paramount importance, and the Environmental Services Department at Exeter Hospital ensures that our facilities are pristine. EVS cleans and disinfects the entire hospital, setting the first impression for our patients and keeping our patients, their families, and our employees safe. Throughout Exeter Hospital, EVS personnel are known for being friendly, compassionate, and caring with a strong sense of teamwork.

    Stories from the Pandemic

    Over the last two years, anyone working in the medical field has had to deal with anxiety about COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, EVS has been on the front lines, ensuring all hospital spaces are clean and disinfected.

    Cleaning a COVID room understandably created some apprehension among the staff. Rick Belschner, EVS Director, met with the staff to discuss safety procedures. He explained that the cleaning guidelines, particularly regarding PPE, had been set by Exeter’s COVID-19 response team with the safety of the EVS staff and Exeter patients at top priority.

    Rick asked for a show of hands: “Has anyone been contaminated while cleaning any kind of precaution room with your PPE on?” Not one person raised a hand, and Rick said, “You all know how to protect yourselves to stay safe, no matter what kind of room you are cleaning. Follow the same safety guidelines for COVID-19 as you would any other precaution.” The staff was relieved.

    Another challenge brought on by COVID was the need for additional EVS personnel to meet the cleaning protocols. Exeter established a Labor Pool for employees displaced by the pandemic due to service lines that had been temporarily paused. Some of those

    employees moved temporarily to EVS to work as housekeepers. The EVS management team made those employees feel supported and appreciated with training, daily huddles for communication, and all-day availability for questions and concerns. At the time, Rick Belschner noted the importance of the work EVS staff members were doing, saying, “That’s why we want to make sure we are available if they need help, as well as to provide reassurance and acknowledge their efforts.”

    Labor Pool employees had a great experience, appreciating the opportunity to continue working in a welcoming environment.

    Working in the Environmental Services Department

    EVS has openings in multiple positions right now. We asked Environmental Services personnel what they like best about working in their department, and they had a lot to say:

    • A department that really functions as a team
    • Opportunities to earn bonuses: retention, spot, and referral
    • Competitive pay
    • Flexible and consistent scheduling
    • Plenty of overtime available
    • A caring management team

    Careers in Environmental Services offer potential for growth. In this video, Rick Belschner shares how he started at Exeter Hospital in housekeeping and has worked his way up to Director of the department: Working in Environmental Services at Exeter Hospital – Youtube 

    To learn more about working at Exeter in Environmental Sciences, please visit our careers microsite

  • It’s a Candidate’s Market

    07-15-2022 | Brier Haigh

    Written by: Alison Ford

    It’s no secret that there is a severe shortage in candidates in every industry.  This makes it a great job market for job seekers.  Outstanding news, right?   You can have your pick of jobs!  Wait… not so fast.  Even though there are more jobs than candidates, that doesn’t ensure that you will get the job.  In fact, many qualified candidates never even make it to the interview stage of the process and probably wonder why.Why would a qualified candidate not be interviewed?  It happens more than one would think.  Here are some tips to get you in front of the hiring manager and beyond.

    1. The latest and greatest!  Make sure your resume is up to date, including all of your experience that relates to the job for which you apply.  Candidates sometimes think that the rule of thumb is to keep a resume short, 1 page if possible.  WRONG!  This is an antiquated practice.  You want to show all of your experience not only so that the recruiter / hiring manager can see the full scope of your experience but also salaries are calculated based on experience.
    2. Here I am!  Make it as easy as possible to be reached.  Recruiters are flexible, they will use any means necessary to reach a candidate but it’s up to the candidate not to hamper that effort.  Make sure that the email address on your resume is correct, that your voice mail is set up and that the voice mail box is not full.  If a prospective employer has challenges connecting with you, they’re going to be onto the next candidate.
    3. Who’s this now?  Make sure that you use your own email address and not a friend or family member.   If your name changed, update the name on your email.  You always want the name on the application to match the name on the email that you’re using for your job search.  Also, keep the email address name professional.  Prospective employers may think twice before setting up an interview with beerguzzler69@aol.com.  It’s very easy to set up a new email address with your name and you can use this email solely for your job search.
    4. Respond!  Even if you land your dream job while you’re still in the interview process with other companies at which you applied, respond to all recruiters / hiring managers for the jobs for which you’re removing yourself from the running.  A short, honest and simple email, as a professional courtesy will go a long way.  The recruiter will have no way of knowing you’re no longer interested in an opportunity unless you speak up.   Also, if your dream job falls through, you want to be in good standing with all the other organizations for which you applied.

    It’s a small world after all!   If you ghost the recruiter and / or a hiring manager before or after an interview or offer, it very well could come back to haunt you [pun intended].  All industries are smaller worlds than you think.  You will inevitably come across the same people in different organizations if you are in any industry for a few years.  If you come to a decision that you’re moving on from a job opportunity and you ghost a recruiter and / or a hiring manager, you will live to regret this if / when you encounter that same recruiter or manager down the road.  Your behavior, good, bad or indifferent will certainly be a factor into your chances at being hired or even considered by these professionals in the future.

    Good luck on your job search!