February 17, 2023

Spotlight on Patient Access – Plaistow

02-17-2023 | Rebecca Neal

Access to Exeter Health Resources’ excellent healthcare starts with the Patient Access department. These dedicated representatives play a crucial role in getting patients the care they need, acting as liaisons for the patient, the doctor, and the insurance provider.

The Plaistow Patient Access representatives work with CORE physicians and the Exeter Hospital Rehab departments. They are responsible for greeting and checking in patients, verifying patient demographics, recording insurance, collecting co-pays, and answering questions.

At Plaistow, this department really sees itself as a team. They help each other, support each other, and step up when there is a need. This team mentality is not just present at their own site—they help out at other EH/CORE sites when they need extra hands on deck.

In addition to the experience of working as a team, Patient Access representatives enjoying meeting and interacting with patients. Starting their appointments with these caring professionals sets patients’ minds at ease. The representatives can efficiently  solve problems such as insurance issues or prescription requests, which takes a lot of weight off the shoulders of patients dealing with medical issues.

Need more proof that the Plaistow Patient Access department works as a team? Well, they literally are one! In the fall 2021, the check-in representatives formed a bowling team and joined a league. They bowled every Friday night, had a BLAST each and every week . . . and came in last place in the league. The fun they had and the great friendships and working relationships they developed were the real win.

If bowling isn’t for you, there are other opportunities to socialize. Some Patient Access members go to Music Bingo weekly to eat, relax, and laugh away from the work environment.

Patient Access has a lot of fun, and they also genuinely care about each other, supporting team members at work, away from work, in happy and in difficult times. Birthdays get special attention with a little Patient Access twist. If you are celebrating your birthday, you aren’t limited to cupcakes or cakes—you can choose the food you want. Some people still go for cake, but they’ve seen celebrations with stir fry chicken teriyaki, American Chop Suey, Indian Butter Chicken, Mexican dip, and many other delicious treats.

If you are interested in joining the Patient Access team, we’d love to talk with you! Check our careers page and chat or speak with a recruiter whenever it’s convenient for you.

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