Performs a variety of routine servicing of equipment and machinery. Operate, test and inspect emergency generators, fire pump, fire doors and emergency lighting etc.


  • 1-3 years experience or in similar work role
  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Technical School experience
  • Ability to read and comprehend technical documentation and engineering drawings
  • Computer Skills
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Satisfactory Driving Record

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain inventory of supplies such as belts, chains, lubricates, filters and lighting needs.
  2. Provide general assistance to skilled trades such as Electrician, HVAC, plumber, etc.
  3. Inspect equipment to detect excessive noise and heat.
  4. Read thermometers and gauges and record readings, maintain record and logs such as boiler log and building log.
  5. Lubricate fans, motors and other mechanical parts.
  6. Inspect and replace worn and frayed belts.
  7. Inspect and replace filters, air, water and oil.
  8. Disassemble and assemble sheet metal components, fans, motors and control units.
  9. Works off-site and/or individually.

Location: Exeter Hospital · EH-Maintenance-MPALM
Schedule: full time, Night Shift, 11:00pm -7:30am

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