Exeter Hospital

Req# 12916

Req#: 12916

Location: Exeter Hospital · EH-Pedi Rehab ST-BCAMP
Schedule: part time, Day Shift, Mon 8:00-6:30 Epping
Wed 8:00-6:30 Epping
Fri 8:00-4:30 Plaistow

Part time; Varied shift/clinic hours!

Mon 8:00-6:30 – Epping 

Wed 8:00-6:30 – Epping 

Fri 8:00-4:30 – Plaistow 

Plans and administers medically prescribed speech therapy evaluation and treatment for patients with neurological or developmental speech language communication and/or feeding/swallowing disorders to improve and/or restore function and prevent disability.


  • Master's degree; graduate of an accredited program
  • Dysphagia & MBS (Inpatient)
  • Speech Language Pathologist – NH
  • CPR certified within 90 days of hire

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Selects; administers and interprets clinically appropriate assessments.
  2. Effectively integrates educational; medical; social and psychological factors when interpreting evaluative measures and determining the appropriate treatment diagnosis/diagnoses.
  3. Develops and implements individual plans of care which promote development and/or restoration of skills required for successful participation in community activities and activities of daily living.
  4. Evaluates treatment outcomes at various stages and modifies the plan of care to reflect any changes in the patient's performance or condition.
  5. Designs home exercise programs to facilitate carry over and promote independence. Provides instruction and supervision in the implementation of home programs.
  6. Complies with standards for medical; and/or educational; records management (e.g. insurance authorization; consents; physician's referral; documentation of treatment notes) and maintains patient/client confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.
  7. Complies with professional and licensure standards on code of ethics.
  8. Maintains a safe and therapeutic environment for patient and family in accordance with hospital standards including assurance and support of patient's rights and responsibilities.
  9. Collaborates with other healthcare; contract; and school providers to coordinate services and maximize outcomes.
  10. Acts as a professional consultant to contract; educational and medical professionals and patients/clients and their families.

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