Exeter Hospital


Req#: 13181
Hours: 7:00am – 4:00pm

Oversees the work of staff in a patient care or business unit.

Major Responsibilities

Hospital Departments:

  • Oversees Wound, Sleep, Oncology, Mammography/Infusion
  • Responsible for scheduling, training and maintaining staffing in these locations
  • Learning and understanding the insurance payer requirements
  • Keeping current on rules and regulations put into place
  • Maintaining policies and standard work flow processes
  • Collaborating with other supervisors under Patient Access to maintain full staffing for all divisions


  • Associate's degree or equivalent experience
  • 3-5 years experience

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Leadership
    Provides ethically based supervision in area of assigned responsibility.  Motivates staff to achieve business unit goals. Acts as a role model relative to regulatory compliance, organizational commitment, and patient focus.
  2. Relationship Management
    Cultivates, maintains and models positive working relationships with others based upon mutual respect, trust, and compassion.  Fosters cooperation and collaboration in the workplace.  Demonstrates openness to differing opinions and diverse backgrounds.  Knows when and how to collaborate, compromise, or seek consensus.  Demonstrates fairness in words and deeds.  Holds staff accountable for productive and constructive co-worker relations and interdepartmental teamwork.
  3. Patient Care Focus
    Passionately and visibly promotes and supports the organization’s Service Excellence initiatives and its commitment to a patient care experience that is safe, high quality, and responsive to the needs of the patient.  Establishes, maintains and rewards the highest standards of service, safety, and quality in assigned area of responsibility.  Models exceptional behaviors that advance these standards.  Mediates competing interests in the service delivery process to craft solutions that enhance clinical outcomes and the patient care experience.  Empowers employees to respond to service needs and issues for all patients, families, and other customers of the organization.  Holds staff accountable for outcomes and behaviors related to service excellence and the overall patient care experience.
  4. Human Capital Management
    Selects the best possible talent in the labor market.  Demonstrates consistent attention to staff satisfaction and retention.  Facilitates the continuous learning and development of staff.  Knows how to leverage employee strengths. Provides candid and supportive feedback on an ongoing basis.  Takes personal accountability for managing human resource programs and initiatives.  Recognizes and rewards employee contributions.
  5. Accountability
    Fosters a climate in which staff take personal responsibility for decisions, behaviors, and results.  Enforces compliance with regulatory requirements.  Takes accountability for decisions, errors, and failures.  Meets commitments despite obstacles, setbacks, and surprises.  Escalates issues as necessary.
  6. Conflict Management
    acilitates agreement without compromising organizational values or business unit priorities.  Wins support and collaboration of competing parties without damaging relationships.  Works effectively to build solutions that benefit all parties.  Diffuses disagreements before they become destructive.  Knows how to manage change and overcome resistance.
  7. Integrity
    Demonstrates honest and ethical behavior in all business and customer interactions.  Maintains patient and employee confidentiality.  Models fair and honest behavior in the workplace.  Keeps commitments.  Represents the organization in a professional manner.
  8. Prioritizing and Delegating
    Regularly evaluates workload, priorities, and competing demands and adjusts allocation of time and resources to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  Shares responsibility and authority with others.  Provides clear direction to staff.  Focuses on most critical needs.  Asks for help when needed.  Is approachable when others need guidance or assistance.
  9. Communication
    Actively solicits input and feedback from others.  Expresses ideas clearly.  Responds constructively to criticism and concerns expressed by others.  Keeps staff informed.  Can clarify complex issues into simple concepts. Communicates honestly, diplomatically and pro-actively.  Supports leadership decisions regardless of personal perspective.
  10. Motivating & Influencing
    Inspires staff enthusiasm as a way to motivate the highest possible performance.  Builds support for organizational initiatives and business goals.  Encourages staff to move in a desired direction.  Builds collective commitment. Recognizes and rewards exceptional performance and special contributions.  Celebrates successes.
  11. Technical Competencies
    Possesses the technical knowledge and skills needed to perform the unique job responsibilities as defined in the attached addendum.


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