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Req#: 13022
Per Diem Limited,Day Shift varied per surgical schedule

Provides clinical services in physician office setting and serves as surgical assistant to physician.


  • Master's degree or equivalent experience

  • Physician Assistant with NCCPA or Nurse Practitioner  with completion of licensed RN first assist program and supervised OR hours

 Major Responsibilities:

  1. Performs comprehensive or episodic health assessment of patients/families with acute and/or chronic health problems with an emphasis on wellness.  Preserves and promotes good health through education and counseling patients in positive health behaviors, self-care, and coping skills.
  2. Provides comprehensive care for the well, acutely and chronically ill patients working in collaboration with general and specialty providers under the supervision of a Physician and in accordance with the regulations of the NH Board of Medicine.
  3. Establishes differential diagnoses: orders and evaluates diagnostic studies; performs and monitors therapeutic procedures; assesses and/or manages follow-up plans.
  4. Serves as first and second surgical assistant in the Operating Room for patients of the Responsible Supervising Physician (RSP) and Alternate Responsible Supervising Physician (ARSP)
  5. Conducts routine patient rounds and writes progress notes.
  6. Prescribes and regulates medicines in accordance with the regulations of the NH State Board of Pharmacy or the NH State Board of Nursing. 
  7. Records and documents health appraisal data as necessary to maintain, coordinate and/or expedite required services; and in accordance with Medicare guidelines where appropriate.
  8. Maintains and enhances current level of knowledge relative to professional practice, as well as continuing education requirements necessary for licensure and certification.
  9. Assumes responsibility and accountability for time management and professional relationships.
  10. Must consistently meet pre-determined patient volume targets and deliver patient care with highest degree of service excellence, which will be measured by patient satisfaction targets.

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